Saturday, December 28, 2019

Over the Back Fence - 2019 Season

Over the Back Fence
March 8, 2019
Theme: Grand Ole Opry
Host: Damon Prestemon
Music Director: Tom Schramm & The LPs
Pre-show Music: Tom Schramm & The LPs w/ Janine
Emergency Exit: Elaine
Song “Ring of Fire” – Back Fence Gang
Skit “Famous Country Stars” – Sisterluv
Song “I Fall to Pieces” – Carolyn
Sponsor – Lanesboro Area Community Foundation, Barb Jeffers
Skit “Minnie Pearl” – Elaine
Musical Guest – Medicine Brothers
Jokes “Hee Haw Jam Session” – Gang Men
Songs “Your Cheatin' Heart” & “Jambalaya” – Janine
Interview “About the Grand Ole Opry” – Janine
Song “Big Bad John” – Brandt with Back Fence Gang
Sponsor – Granny's Liquor, Lori Bakke
Jokes “Grand Ole Opry Style” – Joel
Song “Jolene” – Sisterluv
Sing Along “I Saw the Light/I'll Fly Away/Circle Be Unbroken” – Gang


Over the Back Fence
April 12, 2019
Theme: Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Host: Damon Prestemon
Music Director: Turnip Truck
Pre-show Music: Tom Savre
Emergency Exit: Diana, Elaine & Kara
Song “Centerfield” – Back Fence Gang
Jokes “America’s Past Time” – Kay
Story “Old Time Baseball” – Richard
Song “Right Field – Tom, Connor & Kara
Sponsor – Batstone CPA, Andy Batstone
Poem “Casey at the Bat” – Kay & Bonnie
Musical Guest – Turnip Truck
Skit "All-American Girls Professional Baseball League” – Elaine, Diana, Bill and Mark
Song “We're Gonna Win Twins” – Back Fence Gang
Sponsor – SMG Web Design, Jason Sethre & Michelle Quanrud
Skit “Who's on First” – Joel & Damon
Sing Along “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” – Back Fence Gang
Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd;
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,
I don't care if I never get back.

Let me root, root, root for the home team,
If they don't win, it's a shame.
For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out,
At the old ball game.


Over the Back Fence
May 10, 2019
Theme: Ca$h
Host: Damon Prestemon
Music Director: Rachel Storlie
Pre-show Music: GrassRun Band
Emergency Exit: Adam
Song “If I Had a Million Dollars” – Back Fence Gang
Jokes Bonnie & Kay
Song “Saginaw, Michigan” – Paul with Sister Luv
Sponsor – Whalan Stand Still Parade, c/o Cedar Valley Resort
Song “Side by Side” – Elsie & Shelly of Sister Luv
Story “Currency” – Richard
Musical Guest – Larry Long
Skit  “Train Scene from 'Music Man'” – Back Fence Men
Song “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime”- Rachel
Poems Bonnie & Joel
Song "(If You Ain't Got The) Do Re Mi" - Bill & Karen
Sponsor – Merchants Bank, Ken Graner
Song “A Poor Man's Roses” – JLee & Xena of Sister Luv
Sing Along “The Gold Diggers' Song (We're in the Money)” – Back Fence Gang


Over the Back Fence
June 14, 2019
Theme: On Broadway
Host: Damon Prestemon
Music Director: Maria Klingsheim
Pre-show Music: Maria Klingsheim
Emergency Exit: Bill & Karen
Song “There's No Business Like Show Business” – Back Fence Gang
Jokes "George & Gracie" Bill & Diana
Song “Something to Believe In” – Xena of Sister Luv & Grant
Sponsor – Great River Shakespeare Festival, Aaron Young
Song "Bosom Buddies" - Bonnie and Diana
“On (and Off) Broadway This Summer" – Elaine
Musical Guest – The Burke Band
Poems  Bonnie & Joel 
Song “Prince Ali” – Sister Luv
Sponsor – Lanesboro Public Library, Tara Johnson
Song “Lullaby of Broadway” – Back Fence Gang
Trivia Broadway Quiz Show!
“Popular” – Maria
Sing Along  “Give My Regards to Broadway” – Back Fence Gang  


Over the Back Fence
July 12, 2019
Theme: Surfin’ U. S. A.
Host: Damon Prestemon
Music Director: Adam M. Wiltgen
Pre-show Music: Ted Hajnasiewicz
Emergency Exit: Annie
Song “Surfin' Safari” – Back Fence Gang
Jokes “Lanesboro Limericks” – Andrzej Z.
Song “I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore” – Robin & Butch
Sponsor – Old Barn Resort, Travis Dundore
Song “Surfer Girl” - Back Fence Men
– Bonnie & Joel
Musical Guest – Jillian Rae
Skit “Baby Talk” – Bill & Diana (c/o League of Women Voters)
Song “Surf City” – Back Fence Gang
Sponsor – Niagara Cave, Mark Bishop
Song “Lust for Life” - Adam
Trivia Beach Party Quiz Show 
Sing Along “Surfin' USA” - Back Fence Gang

Over the Back Fence
August 9, 2019
Theme: Anniversaries
Host: Damon Prestemon
Co-Host: Hal Cropp
Music Director: Maria Klingsheim
Pre-show Music: Ravensfire
Emergency Exit: Bill, Karen & Diana
Song/Skit Happy Anniversary – Back Fence Gang
Song “Anniversary Waltz” – Back Fence Gang
Bit “OtBF Throwbacks” – Damon & Hal
Song “Sing a Smiling Song” – Stela Burdt
Sponsor – Preston Harmony Rushford Foods IGA, Tim Kiehne
Skit “Fun with Food” – Peggy Hanson
Musical Guest  Eric Carranza
Jokes “Anniversaries” Bonnie and Joel
Song “A Cover is Not the Book”  Rianna & Annie Song “Sister Suffragette” – Back Fence Women
Sponsor – F&M Community Bank, Chuck Aug
Song “Anniversary Song” – Maria Klingsheim
Story  Richard Wolfgramm
Bit “OtBF Throwbacks” – Damon & Hal  
Sing Along “May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You” 


Over the Back Fence
September 13th, 2019
Theme: Fifty Nifty States
Host: Damon Prestemon
Music Director: Regina Noel-Downing
Pre-show Music: Joshua Vorvick
Emergency Exit:  Kara
Song “I've Been Everywhere” - Back Fence Men
*Guitar playing by Nick Carstens
Story Sandy
Song “Fifty Nifty United States” – Back Fence Gang
Sponsor – Pedal Pushers Cafe
Jokes Bonnie and Joel
Song “Georgia On My Mind” – Kathleen Deluhery
Musical Guest – Eggen & Hippen
Story Richard
Song “What Did Delaware?” – Back Fence Gang
Song “New York, New York” – Regina Noel-Downing
Sponsor – Bluff Country Computer Works
Song “Dakota” – Back Fence Gang
Trivia High Court Pub’s Trivia Extraordinaire – Wyatt
Sing Along “Aloha Oe” – Back Fence Gang 

Over the Back Fence
October 11th, 2019
Theme: Twins
Host: Damon Prestemon
Co-Host: Nathan Davidson
Music Director: Nathan Davidson & The CBB Jazz Combo
Pre-show Music: CBB Jazz Combo
Emergency Exit:  Daryl & Joel

“Let's Get Together” – Back Fence Gang
Jokes  Confessions of a Twin Parent - Steph & Drew
Song   “Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Lovey Mine"
                                                    – Diana & Bonnie Jean
Sponsor – High Court Pub, Louanne & Paul Hamann
Musical Guest – Ilika Ward Duo
Skit  Sister Stories - Bonnie Jean and Bettie Jane
Song  “Sisters" - Bonnie Jean & Bettie Jane
Stories  Al Batt
Sponsor – Lanesboro Arts, Community Mural Painting!
Bit  The Science of Twins - Steph
Song  “When You're Smiling”
                                Nathan with the Back Fence Gang


Over the Back Fence
November 8, 2019
Theme: Blue
Host: Damon Prestemon
Co-Hosts: Dave Harrenstein & John Gaddo
House Band: The Rutabaga Brothers
Pre-show Music: Dave Swenson
Emergency Exit:  Bonnie & Joel

“Blueberry Hill” – Back Fence Gang
Skit Blue Tidbits – Diana
Song  “Blue Bayou" – Carolyn & Back Fence Gang
Sponsor – The Bite Restaurant, Chelsey Clausen
Jokes Blue Notes Bonnie & Joel
Musical Guest – The Rutabaga Brothers
Skit  Lanesboro Holiday Inn Tour
                                – Lanesboro Area Innkeepers
Song  “Blue Suede Shoes" – Back Fence Gang
Sponsor – Randy Schultz Drywall
Preview  “Sanders Family Christmas”
                                – Commonweal Theatre Company
Song  “Blue Moon” – Back Fence Gang